Tunnel Dog Beds - for dogs that love to sleep under blankets
Tunnel Dog Beds have a stitched in blanket cover
Tunnel Dog Beds are a cosy dog bed and snug den all in one

Tunnel Beds for dogs

Designed for dogs that love to burrow and sleep under blankets

About Tunnel Dog Beds

Tunnel Dog Beds are designed for dogs that love to sleep under blankets with a stitched in blanket cover to create a cosy little pocket for your dog to climb into.

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Tunnel Bed Photo Gallery

Tunnel Dog Beds are really cosy and dogs that love to snuggle love to sleep in them. Take a look at some of the cute pictures of dogs sleeping and hanging out in their Tunnel Beds.

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Tunnel Beds for dogs are not that easy to find in local pet stores but they are easy to find online. We've listed a few websites that sell one of the best Tunnel Dog Beds available to buy.

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Introduction to Tunnel Beds for dogs

A Tunnel Bed is a really cosy dog bed designed specially for dogs that love to sleep tucked up under blankets. Tunnel Dog Beds have a stitched-in cover to create a cosy little pocket or envelope for your dog to tunnel into.

Tunnel Dog Beds are the perfect dog beds for breeds that have a natural instinct to tunnel and burrow such as Terrier and Hound breeds.

Many Sighthound breeds love Tunnel Beds too, especially the short-coated breeds that feel the cold – they love to burrow their way into their Tunnel Beds to stay cosy and warm.

Tunnel Dog Beds usually have a cushion or mattress in the bottom to create a lovely, soft bed to lie on and the outer bed cover has a stitched-in blanket top. The blanket top is loose enough for dogs to snuggle under and stay warm and snug – just like in the video above that shows an Italian Greyhound getting into a Tunnel Bed style dog bed by award-winning British dog bedding designers of luxury dog beds, Charley Chau.

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