Tunnel Bed Photos

Tunnel Beds are possibly the cosiest dog beds ever made! All kinds of dogs love to tunnel and sleep under blankets but they’re especially popular with Terriers, Hounds and Sighthounds.

All Dogs Should Be This Cosy!

The Perfect Bed For A Sleepy Vizsla

Tunnelling - Dachshund Style


Even Pointers Love Tunnel Beds!

A Whippet And Italian Greyhound Must!

Sunbathing Sighthound

Just chillin'

Tunnel Beds Are Great For Sharing

Whippet Conference Room!

The Perfect Dachshund Bed

Happy Days!

Tunnel Bed For Two


Tunnel Beds are fabulous beds for any dog that loves to tunnel or burrow under blankets. In particular they are the perfect dog bed for:

  • Terriers – Jack Russell Terriers, Boston Terriers, Border Terriers, English Toy Terriers, Manchester Terriers, English Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, etc.
  • Hounds – Miniature Dachshunds, Beagles, Hungarian Vizslas, Pharaoah Hounds,┬áCirneco Dell’Etna dogs, etc.
  • Sighthounds – Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers, etc.

As all dog lovers know, every dog has its own loves and likes, and Tunnel Bed fans are not limited to just the breeds above as you can see in the Tunnel Bed Gallery!

Why do dogs love Tunnel Beds? Many dogs, particularly Terrier types and some of the Hound breeds were originally bred for hunting and as a result have a natural instinct to burrow. Many dog lovers will be familiar with the scene below – dogs “going to ground” when they stumble upon an interesting rabbit hole!

Italian Greyhound and Dachshund going to ground
Italian Greyhound – not bred for going to ground but the instinct to explore a rabbit burrow is still very strong!

Other dogs like Whippets were not bred to go to ground but their short coats mean that they feel the cold so they instinctively look for warm, snug spaces to curl up for a snooze hence they love Tunnel Beds! And other breeds … well, some dogs just know a good thing when they see it! If you have ever noticed your dog trying to sneak under blankets then it’s very likely that a Tunnel Bed is the perfect dog bed for your dog!