About Tunnel Dog Beds

What is a Tunnel Dog Bed or ‘Tunnel Bed’?

A Tunnel Dog Bed is a really cosy dog bed designed specially for dogs that love to sleep tucked up under blankets. Tunnel Dog Beds usually have a mattress in the bottom for your dog to lie on and an outer cover with a stitched-in blanket cover on top to create a cosy little pocket for your dog to snuggle into.

Tunnel Dog Bed with Miniature Dachshund
Miniature Dachshunds are just one of the many dog breeds that love sleeping in Tunnel Beds


How does a dog get into a Tunnel Bed?

It’s very simple – dogs just simply poke their nose under the blanket top and then climb in! Just like in the video below …

What breeds of dogs like to sleep in a Tunnel Dog Bed?

Most dogs that likes to sleep under blankets will love a Tunnel Dog Bed! In particular, if you have ever noticed your dog trying to get under a blanket on their own(blanket on your sofa perhaps or even under the duvet on your own bed!) then it is very likely that they would enjoy a Tunnel Dog Bed!

Tunnel Dog Beds
Tunnel Dog Beds are great for all breeds of dogs that love to sleep under blankets

Tunnel Dog Beds work because some dogs have a natural instinct to burrow, or because they are short-coated and feel the cold easily so instinctively look to find warm places to sleep:

  • Terriers: Boston Terriers, Jack Russells Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, etc.
  • Hounds: Beagles, Dachshunds, Hungarian Vizlas, Ibizan Hounds, Pharaoh Hounds, etc.
  • Sighthounds: Italian Greyhounds, Whippets, Lurchers, etc.
  • Small Dogs: Chihuahuas, Chinese Crested Dogs, English Toy Terriers, Miniature Pinschers, Pugs, etc.

What makes a good Tunnel Dog Bed?

Just like any dog bed, a good dog bed starts with the mattress. So if you’re looking at buying a Tunnel Dog Bed do some research on the mattress that is supplied with the bed.

The Tunnel Bed mattress should be:

  • Well filled so that it is soft but supportive and so you have the choice of placing the bed directly on the floor for your dog
  • Fully machine washable – regular washing is the only way to keep your dog’s bed hygienically clean
  • Constructed so that the filling will not separate or clump (or even worse, both) even after washing in your machine

And then take a look at the outer cover on the Tunnel Bed and check that:

  • It has a fully removable and machine washable outer cover
  • The pocket of the Tunnel Bed has a soft lining that is also warm, breathable and moisture-wicking (takes moisture away) otherwise your dog will end up sleeping in an unpleasant, sweaty bed
  • It is made with fabrics that are good quality (e.g. upholstery grade fabrics) to withstand scratching – dogs that love to burrow often love to dig too – see the video below!

Another thing to look for is whether or not the Tunnel Bed is available with a separate mattress protector. Often these are waterproof mattress protectors but the key is that they act as a barrier to general dust and dirt from settling in your dog’s mattress – keeps the mattress cleaner for longer. Particularly important for larger Tunnel Dog Beds that are difficult to wash in home machines because of their sheer size.

The best dog bed mattress protectors are fully removable and slip over the mattress but under the outer bed cover. They should protect both the underside and top side of your dog’s mattress, be machine washable and breathable as well as waterproof. Good quality waterproof fabrics are soft and not “crunchy” so won’t impact the comfort of your dog – similar to the waterproof fabrics used to make pillow protectors for hospitals.